Great Falls International Airport FAA-GTF

(ICAO-KGTF) Great Falls Airport SignThe Great Falls International Airport is located South of the city on Interstate 15. It is on the prairie plain so well above the river valley that Great Falls itself is in. The airport has a single terminal building.


The Airport website is but it tends to read a lot more like a travel brochure than provide information about the facilities there (actually during my research for this article I discovered that clicking on the pictures brought up a more informative site, this is not immediately obvious). has more technical information about the airport including diagrams of the runways and service operations supporting the airport.

There is  a current listing about the airport at and it includes some of the airlines that fly in and out of the Great Falls Airport.


 F86 - A Sabre  mounted as a weathervane 

At the entrance to the airport there is a great display of several fighter Jets mounted on poles and one of them actually is a weathervane.The picture above is the one that is a weather vane, the sign at the base (not visible in the photograph) says it is a F86-A Sabre 1953-1955. Below we present some photos of the other jets that are on display.

 F-106A Delta Dart 1972-1987

The sign on the plane above reads F-106A Delta Dart 1972-1987


 T33A Shooting Star 1952-1987

The sign on the plane above reads T-33A Shooting Star 1952-1987

Below is a partial picture of the terminal building. (The day we visited there was a bit of an alert going on so we thought it might not be the best idea to be taking photos.)

Terminal Building Great Falls Airport