Mckenzie River Pizza in Great Falls Montana


We had the opportunity to try this local pizza restaurant in October 2007. I knew we were in for something good because even at 7 pm on a Saturday night there was a line-up to get in. All these people waiting must know something about the food at this place. Once we were seated, the service by the staff was superb and the scenic overlook of the river combined with the ambience of the internal decor completed the experience. The pizza was great and the price reasonable. Being a bit of a connoiseur of pizza (my favourite food) my opinion is that although not the best pizza I have ever had, it comes  dibbly darn close. Overall I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Great Falls location:
500 River Drive
Tel: 406-761-0085

Company website:

Mackenzie River Pizza Co (tm) a pizza restaurant in Great Falls Montana