Used Cars - Great Falls

It has proven to be a bit difficult to provide a good resource on what is available in used cars in Great Falls. The majority of the used car dealers seem to be on 10th Ave S.  So instead of providing our normal listing I am going to provide some photos I recently took of some the dealers signs. I apologize in advance for quality of the shots.

Bleskin Motor Company in Great Falls , Used Cars & Trucks

The photo above is the lot of Bleskin Motor Company, the sign indicates used cars & trucks and the phone number is 771-4691, the Great Falls area code is 406. Website:

King Motors Pre owned vehicles Great Falls Montana

The photo above is a part of the lot from King Motors who sell pre-owned vehicles. Website

Gabe's Quality Used Cars & Trucks in Great Falls Montana alos Silent Knight Mufflers

This photo shows Gabe's Quality Used Cars & Trucks (website: ), also in the photo is Silent Knight Mufflers.

 Pete's Used Cars in Great Falls Montana

The photo above shows Pete's.  This seemed to me to be one of the larger used car dealers just based on the two large lots that I saw.  Website: